29 November 2016
Reporter: Barney Dixon
TiVo and Netflix sign IP deal
TiVo has signed an intellectual property and product agreement with Netflix following a five-year patent infringement lawsuit.

The new agreement will provide Netflix with a licence to TiVo’s patent portfolios and an Intellectual Ventures patent portfolio for over-the-top offerings.

This is the first agreement granted under TiVo’s partnership with Intellectual Ventures announced this year.

Tom Carson, CEO of TiVO, said: “Our agreements with Netflix represent a major milestone for TiVo as we expand our offerings for the fast-growing over-the-top space, and further demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative technologies to new and emerging markets.”

“From products to patented technologies, TiVo is helping companies quickly adapt to a rapidly changing media industry and create beautiful user experiences that keep consumers connected to their favorite entertainment.”

A distinct product agreement will see TiVo continue its integration of Netflix into TiVo set-top boxes and include a unified content catalog across the two platforms.

Bill Holmes, global head of business development at Netflix, said: “The partnership between Netflix and TiVo dates back to our early days of streaming video.”

“Building on this history, the agreements provide consumers freedom to watch their favourite TV shows and movies whenever and wherever, with an integrated experience across more devices.”

Earlier this month, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed a district court ruling against two patents in a lawsuit between Netflix and TiVo.

Netflix had originally filed a declaratory judgement action against TiVo seeking to invalidate five patents relating to bookmarks for resuming playback across different devices and generating viewing recommendations.

TiVo now has nine of the top 10 US pay TV service providers under licence, as well as Netflix.

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