05 August 2016
Reporter: Barney Dixon
Zuma presses ahead against Getty
Press agency Zuma Press has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Getty Images over its “careless” licensing of more than 47,000 photos.

The complaint, filed on 1 August in the US District Court of for the Southern District of New York, claims that Getty acquired Zuma’s photos and licensed, sold and distributed them on its platform without permission.

Zuma said that though Getty was originally conceived to counterbalance “the internet’s corrosive effect on the creative marketplace”, Getty had become “the content creators’ worst detractor”.

“[Getty] acquires more images than it can responsibly administer and belligerently enforces whatever imperfect rights it might have in those images.”

Zuma blames Getty’s infringement on accelerated growth “that makes due diligence and adequate review of acquisitions difficult and improbable”.

“Getty has been carelessly and recklessly acquiring content, not doing due diligence and not taking adequate measures to prevent infringement as well as falsifying/removing proper copyright management information.”

This lawsuit comes after Carol Highsmith, a US photographer, launched a $1 billion lawsuit against Getty.

Getty had allegedly sent Highsmith a $120 copyright claim for a photo she says she created and owns.

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