04 August 2015
Reporter: Tammy Facey
Australia orphan works need to be freed
The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is petitioning for orphan works to be put into the public domain.

It has called for Twitter and Facebook users to upload photos of baked goods with the hashtag ‘#cookingforcopyright’, in a bid to raise awareness about orphan works, which cannot be lawfully used or licensed because their authors’ identities are unknown.

ALIA launched the campaign on 31 July, which it dubbed Cooking for Copyright Day.

Internet users were asked to use handwritten recipes, who authors are unknown, that it has found in museums across Australia. Those who missed the date can still send their photos in by 7 August.

ALIA promised to put all of the images together and send them to Australian attorney general George Brandis, who is looking at potential copyright reforms.

Australia is in the middle of passing legislation that will give courts the power to block access to websites based overseas. ISPs and trade groups are also collaborating on a code of conduct to address infringing internet users.

The UK Copyright Hub recently said it plans to launch its new app that will allow rights holders to give permission for their works to be used commercially in Australia.

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